CALL 2020

The European State-Of-The-Art (ESOTA) Congress

on Inclusive Post-Secondary Education Programmes for Students with Intellectual Disabilities

Due to the CoViD-19 pandemic,
The European State-Of-The-Art (ESOTA) Congress
on Inclusive Post-Secondary Education Programmes
for Students with Intellectual Disabilities
04-05 June 2020 was cancelled.

The final program never was published.

Call for Papers

Throughout the world, persons with intellectual disability (ID) are excluded from many areas of life, often segregated in specialised systems, including special schools, sheltered work environments, and congregate living facilities. These arrangements adversely affect their learning opportunities and have a negative impact on their opportunities as adults and their quality of life.

Inclusive post-secondary education (IPSE) for individuals with ID, which are programmes housed in traditional colleges and universities, is a relatively new practice that holds much promise for improved adult outcomes. Currently, in Europe, however, relatively few IPSE programmes for young adults with ID exist.  We have recently identified some IPSE programmes in European countries. All these programmes have experience and competence related to operating IPSE programmes at their universities, and each has demonstrated unique strengths in key areas.

Obviously, there is both a need and an opportunity to increase IPSE programmes in Europe. This is the primary objective of the SOTA Congress in Salzburg.

The State-Of-The-Art Congress has five distinct goals:

1) Exchange of experience and research results to increase the access of persons with ID to IPSE programmes throughout Europe;
2) Focus on developing fully inclusive programmes for persons with ID in current and future IPSE programmes;
3) Exchange of knowledge on instruction for IPSE staff and student volunteers to improve their knowledge of strategies promoting inclusion and self-determination for persons with ID;
4) Develop and disseminate quality indicators for IPSE programmes to colleges and universities throughout Europe;
5) Bring together staff and Students with and without disabilities ( –> bring your students with and without disabilities to Salzburg, we will organise an inclusive programme at the SOTA Congress).

The ultimate purpose of the ESOTA Congress is to encourage and enlist European universities to develop and implement IPSE programmes for students with ID.


Proposals should refer to at least one of the following three areas, and preferably also make interconnections:

  • Research

Theories/concepts/empirical findings on inclusion and diversity in universities, especially on the topic of IPSE programmes for people with ID;

  • Teaching

University teaching in the context of diversity and inclusion

  • Practice

Topic-related project reports, university practice in IPSE programmes for students with ID; we want to encourage proposals with the involvement of students with and without disabilities 

Proposal Submission
  • The conference languages ​​are English and German
  • If possible, presentations should be in English (German-language presentations may also be accepted).
  • Individual presentations, contributions to topic forums, and poster presentations can be submitted:
Individual presentations
  • Lasting 25 minutes (plus 15 minutes of discussion time).
  • The presentations will be grouped into panels or integrated into topic forums as deemed appropriate.
Topic forums
  • Generally lasting 90 minutes.
  • They will offer ample discussion time to explore perspectives and/or interdisciplinary relationships.
  • The format of the topic forums may vary and may consist of presentations such as lectures, project reports, films etc.
  • Topic forums are organised in advance (and can also be submitted already compiled) and are moderated.
Organisational details
  • Please submit proposals by 31st November 2019 by email to:
  • We are also available at this address should you have any questions.
  • Please use the form in the appendix.
  • Proposals will undergo a review process. There will be feedback on proposals by 31st December 2019 at the latest. Further organisational information will also be provided at that time.
  • A publication of conference papers is planned.
  • Congress fee: Reduced early-bird fee of € 150 for presenters, € 200 after 31st December 2019; students with and without disabilities are free;
  • The registration will be open on our homepage by 1st January 2020.

We look forward to your proposals!

The Organisation Team

Print-Version Call

Here you can find the Abstract Submission Form: